Exclusive industry-focused keynotes

Get a chance to learn from change leaders and decision-makers behind the world’s largest food manufacturing brands.

Exclusive industry-focused keynotes

Get a chance to learn from change leaders and decision-makers behind the world’s largest food manufacturing brands.

Exclusive industry-focused keynotes

Get a chance to learn from change leaders and decision-makers behind the world’s largest food manufacturing brands.

Senior speakers from signature brands making headlines across the MENA market

Learn from over 50+ industry leaders as they share insights into the best strategies for core issues faced by the industry, and more at the 2-day Future Food Forum 2022.

H.E. Abdulla Al Saleh

Undersecretary, Ministry Of Economy UAE

Saleh Lootah


Ahmed Mohamed Al Naqbi

Chief Executive Officer At EDB

Ahmed Bayoumi


Prof. Ahmed Eltigani

CEO, Al Rawabi Dairy Company

Sumeet Mathur


Alan Smith

CEO, Agthia Group PJSC

Hussein Samh Al-Masroori

Director-General, Food Safety And Quality Center, Ministry Of Agriculture, Fisheries And Water Resources, Oman

Ahmad Belyouha


Marwan Al Sarkal

CEO, Al Murr Investments

Ahmed AlShaibani

Head Of Design Strategy & Innovation, Wasl Group & Project Lead, Foodtech Valley

Dr. Raman Kumar


Future Food Forum 2022

Bringing together local and global ministers, high-ranking government officials, business leaders, academia, and representatives of leading think tanks once more, the Future Food Forum 2022 is set to showcase the initiatives within the food and beverage manufacturing ecosystem for sustainability and inclusive growth, creating opportunities for women, and fostering youth entrepreneurship within the F&B industry.

Sumeet Mathur

Conference Chairman, Managing Director, FRIESLANDCAMPINA, MIDDLE EAST & NORTH AFRICA

Future Food Forum 2022 programme

08:00 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:20

VIP Tour in the Networking Area

09:20 - 09:30

Opening Address

Saleh Lootah, Chairman, UAE Food and Beverage Business Group

09:30 - 09:40

Chief Guest Address

H.E. Abdulla Al Saleh, Undersecretary, Ministry of Economy UAE

09:40 - 10:20

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Partnership for Sustainable Economic Growth

Food and Beverage manufacturing is critical to the growth and performance of our economies. It is in the interest of the region and its development that an atmosphere of partnership is created between government organisations, regulators and the F&B manufacturers to enable this sector to scale up, become competitive and build a resilient supply chain. In an interesting discussion key leaders will throw more light on the key challenges and opportunities available and why both government organisations and local and international manufacturers need to play its role for F&B sector to contribute to our region’s sustainable economic growth.

10:30 - 11:30

Important Significance for Creating a Regional Approach for GCC Food Security

The region, with its desert environments, has been a traditional food importer with various GCC countries importing up to 80% of their food and beverage needs. Recent geo-political developments such as the war in Ukraine, Covid-19 related border closures, climate change, lower production in source countries, supply chain disruptions, higher food wastage are all creating alarming food security situation in the Middle East region. GCC countries need to create and support a food security plan with significant focus and investments in local production, resilient logistic networks, reduced food wastage and technology-led agri-food production. There also needs to be a way for the Gulf region to collaborate and create a regional network for food production, trade partners and others.

11:30 - 11:45

Networking Coffee Break

11:45 - 12:00

Digitalization – Boosting efficiency in Food and Beverage Production

Matthew Holland, Chief Commercial Officer, EMEA, GE Digital, UK

12:00 - 12:40

The Need for Developing a Trust-Based Relationship between Regional Retailers and Manufacturers

With the rise of the mega-retail, mergers and acquisitions and the growth of mall-culture, retailers and manufacturers are key partners for each other’s eventual business success, profitability, overall performance of our national economy, food security, jobs and lot more. The session will bring together some of the most powerful companies from both sides of the spectrum in pursuit of practical answers to important questions on key topics such as how can they develop a trust-based relationship and produce greater benefits for both these critical players? And what policies and procedures will help us get there?

12:40 - 12:52

Food Safety & Steam as an Ingredient

Francisco Pedrosa, EMEA Business development Manager (Specialist), Spirax Sarco

12:52 - 01:30

Reducing Waste in Food Manufacturing and Preparing for Circular Economy

Food and Beverage manufacturers are mindful of its impact on the environment and are also now directed by local governments to reduce contributions to landfill and of course business benefits from lowering waste. Manufacturing companies are also keen to show an increasing level of CSR which in turn attracts new age customers, investors, and even employees. The panel will provide an in-depth and interesting discussion on delivering robust and sustainable cost savings, whilst improving their CSR while reducing waste in food and beverage manufacturing supply chain

01:30 - 01:45

Automation and Beyond in F&B Industry

Hirofumi Takahashi, General Manager, Digital Enterprise Business, Yokogawa Middle East & Africa

01:45 - 02:30

Networking Lunch Break

02:30 - 03:15

Sustainability Challenges Faced by the Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Today, it is a known fact that F&B manufacturers are embracing the need for new ways of working: the industry is reshaping its approach to operations, integrating sustainability metrics into everyday and strategic business decisions. However it is a challenge to meet the new realities and adjust fast enough: achieving sustainability goals is a journey, given the need to align all suppliers with your corporate agenda, as considerable shares of emissions occur outside your span of control. This session will shed light on how brands can efficiently source and manage ingredients, packaging materials, energy sources, water and other natural resources to meet consumers’ expectations, who are more and more ready to vote for more convenient, sustainable, ethical and healthy food and beverage choices, for brands and companies with purpose.

03:15 - 03:55

Creating a Regional Knowledge Hub for F&B Manufacturing Development

Food and beverage manufacturing related knowledge building is one of the key pillars that can trigger development in the sector. This can also promote local/national workforce. For the industry to remain as a viable, competitive, and significant contributor to the country’s economic health, a carefully executed strategy to develop a regional knowledge hub and engage skilled national workforce is essential. There is still a huge amount of work to do to meet national workforce targets set for the future. This session will address significant and rising national workforce development, and skills shortages faced by the F&B sector affecting the regions food processing and agri-business, to address what can done to improve the situation.

03:55 - 04:30

Planning a Winning Online Strategy for F&B Products

The Gulf region’s traditional retailers, online grocers, manufacturers and start-ups have set up faster delivery channels in the online space with convenient selections at lower prices. Although the sector is progressing well, but only a few players with longterm strategies can expect to be successful. The session will outline the relevant risks involved in planning a viable online strategy keeping in mind recent developments such as the rising fuel costs, hybrid lifestyles post covid, and labour shortages in the delivery business, among others.

04:30 - 04:40

Dubai Digital International Trade Program

Youssef Mohamed, Alibaba.com, MEA Managing Partner of JSC Middle East & Africa
Abdulrahman AlHosani, Director Exporter Services, Dubai Industries and Exports


Closing Summary and End of Day 1

Networking Coffee and End of the Day

08:00 - 09:00

Registration for CEO Round Table

09:00 - 09:05

Recap day 1 by Conference Chairman

Sumeet Mathur, Managing Director, FrieslandCampina MENA

09:05 - 09:15

Opening Address

Ahmed Al Shaibani, Project Lead, Foodtech Valley

09:15 - 10:00

Redefining the Role of Food and Beverage Regulations

Food and beverage manufacturing in the Middle East is fast-paced and ever-changing as manufacturers continuously introduce new products into the regional market, as well as internationally. In order to remain competitive, we need to create a regulatory environment that supports innovation, encourages safety and above all provides a level playing field. In an interesting panel discussion, we welcome regional and international F&B regulatory leaders to share their ideas on how the regional Food and Beverage Regulatory environment can be improved.

10:00 - 11:00

Understanding the New and Emerging Food and Beverage Consumers

Emerging out of the pandemic, regional consumers are becoming more cost conscious, relying more on home delivery models for groceries thanks to their preference to hybrid offices and F&B manufacturers who have capabilities to reach out and serve consumers at home and outside the home are generally performing better. Recent trends show that average Middle Eastern consumers are becoming more and more conscious of the content of their food, its origins, freshness, and safety. In an interesting discussion, experts will shed light into the reasons for these changing consumer preferences and help us understand ways to create a winning strategy for your organization to stay ahead of the curve.

11:00 -11:15

How Fermentation-Enabled Bioprotection can Reduce Food Waste, Improve Food Security and Support a more Sustainable Food Future

Tina Hornbaek, Ph. D., Director of Dairy Bioprotection – Food Cultures & Enzymes, Chr. Hansen A/S Denmark

11:15 - 11:25

The Case for Metal Packaging - How is it becoming a key enabler for the transition towards a sustainable, circular and low carbon economy

Sandrine Duquerroy-Delesalle, Director, Sustainability & External Affairs, Crown Bevcan EMEA

11:25 - 11:45

Networking Coffee Break

11:45 - 12:25

Managing Crisis within the Food and Beverage Supply Chain

The global population is soon powering past 10 billion, putting a massive strain on the global food supply chain. The majority of this growth is expected to happen in emerging markets which are already facing significant food security threats driven by massive urbanisation, decaying traditional food production, manufacturing systems and recent disruptions such as Covid-19, war and other geo-political threats. Food manufacturing and production are more resourceintensive putting a lot of stress on local supply chains in under greater pressure. This session will provide an overview on compelling factors that are disrupting our global food supply chain and discuss how production and distribution leaders in food can address these critical issues for the 21st century.

12:25 - 12:45

Future of Food and Beverage Packaging

Niels Hougaard, Managing Director, Tetra Pak Arabia & Export

12:45 - 01:20

The Challenges of a New Era in Food Safety in Disrupted Times

In today’s times of global disruption, such as global warming, price inflation, food shortages, rising energy costs, food and beverage manufacturers face enormous challenges in ensuring and improving food safety: authenticity risks are increasing, new contaminants and food-borne diseases are on the rise, and consumers are demanding more integrity and transparency from brands. Policymakers are proposing several interesting ways to shape the future of food safety. In an engaging keynote address followed by a panel discussion, experts will provide a critical overview of the food safety concerns that need to be addressed.

01:30 - 02:00

Networking Lunch Break

02:00 - 02:15

Fireside chat with Marwan Al Sarkal, CEO, Al Murr Investments

On his career journey that has transformed Sharjah into a thriving business destination for food and beverage manufacturing. Along the way, he has helped empower the region’s youth, involving them in projects or providing space for F&B startups

02:15 - 03:30

Keynote: Overview into the World of Exciting New Ingredient Technologies and Innovations

Every manufacturer is keen to offer new line products that are healthy, immune boosting, sustainable, plant based and others… In order for these products to be successful they need to offer something unique to get on the shelf. Here is where the look out for new and efficient ingredients and ingredient technology that can help differentiate your products

03:30 - 04:00

Listen to Top Influencers on How to Plan Your F&B Social Strategies

04:00 - 04:30

Women Leaders Networking Session - Will the Future of Food be Led by Young Women Leaders?

It makes perfect sense for more women to be in senior leadership roles of the F&B manufacturing sector. However, in reality, less than 20% of top leadership positions are held by women despite global research that a majority of food purchasing decisions are made by women. It is true that there are not many women CEOs, CTOs and CMOs in food and beverage manufacturing but this begs the question -why? In an open discussion, industry leaders address key issues that the industry is facing when it comes to increasing female representation in leadership, diversity, and how we can get more women to the top within the food and beverage manufacturing value chain.


Closing Summary and End of Day 2

04:30 - 05:00

Networking Coffee and End of the Conference

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